Notice to Sports Agents


     As part of the Lamar State College Port Arthur compliance program, great efforts have been to assist all connected with the athletics department in understanding the rules and regulations that govern Seahawk Athletics.

     If you are a sports agent and interested in speaking with a Lamar State Port Arthur student-athlete regarding representation, you must first register with the State of Texas as part of the Texas Athlete Agent Act. To do so, contact the Office of Secretary of State at 512-475-0775 or write to:

Office of Secretary of State
Statutory Documents Section
Legal Support
Athlete Agent Registration

P.O. Box 12887
Austin, TX 78711-2887

     Once you are registered with the State of Texas, you may contact a student-athlete at Lamar State College Port Arthur ONLY through Scott Street, Director of Athletics. Agent interviews may be scheduled during the first week of April annually and will be conducted in the athletic department on campus.