Lamar State College Port Arthur Athletics Media Relations

Lamar State College Port Arthur Seahawks The Office of Public Information at Lamar State College Port Arthur, under the direction of Gerry L. Dickert and part of the Office of the President of LSCPA, is responsible for the day-to-day publicity efforts of its NJCAA Division I sports for men and women.

The primary functions of the LSCPA Public Information Office are to service and accommodate the media in its coverage of the entire intercollegiate athletics department.

The Public Information Office, located on the second floor of the Student Center, handles a myriad of press services, including, but not limited to, the issuance of credentials, the publication of media guides, game programs and press notes as well as maintaining statistics and upkeep of the athletics program website.

Members of the Public Information Office will assist you with any day-of-game needs, including player and coach information, in-game statistics and post-game notes and quotes. Journalists and media covering LSCPA Athletics benefit from working in a professional and comfortable environment.

Members of the Public Information staff are on call virtually every day of the year, around the clock in an effort to enhance the coverage of Lamar State athletics.

Please kindly adhere to the following guidelines when covering LSC-PA athletics.

Credentials/Media Entrance

Credentialing by Lamar State College Port Arthur is done on an open basis. All members of the media are welcome and encouraged to attend games at their convenience. To gain access to the Carl Parker Center or Martin Field, a member of the media must only present a state-issued or outlet-issued press pass. Any members of the media who wish to ensure work space at the basketball scorer’s table should call in advance to reserve a seat. Limited space is available for working media at softball games. Please call in advance so measures can be taken to ensure appropriate workspace for your needs. At all games, you are asked not to interact with players or coaches immediately prior to, during or immediately after a game.

If you are in need of postgame interviews and there are deadline considerations, please contact Gerry L. Dickert to ensure quick access:, 409-984-6342 (office), 409-460-8096 (cell)


Photo credentials, as writer’s credentials, are open. Photographers are welcome to shoot from either end of the basketball court. We do ask that you not impede fan traffic and that you not interfere with the usual movement of the game, i.e. no shooting from the bench area of either team or in front of the scorer’s table or announcer’s table. Photographers are welcome to shoot just inside the gates next to the dugouts on either side of the field. Please do not enter the dugout during the game or between innings. It is important that you not impede the play of game or put yourself, players, coaches or officials in any danger by your presence on the field.

Game Day Services

During basketball season, halftime boxscores and post-game complete play-by-play and final boxscores will be provided, along with game programs.

Wireless Internet

Internet ports are available in the media area on the playing floor and wireless access is available throughout the Parker Center and at Martin Field. An access code is required and can be obtained from Gerry Dickert.

Media/Photo Work Room

A media work room is located in the administrative offices at the Carl Parker Center. There is a meeting table with ample working area in the conference room at the Parker Center. There is workspace available inside the Seahawks locker room at Martin Field.

Postgame Interviews

After a short cooling off period, men's basketball head coach Lance Madison and his designated players will be available for interviews. The locker rooms for both Lamar State College Port Arthur and the visiting team are closed at all times. Softball coach Vance Edwards will be available after single games or after the second game of a doubleheader once he has had the opportunity to speak to his team. If there are deadline considerations regarding coach interviews, please let Gerry Dickert know in advance.